Pictures - Music - EFI Maps

This page is for misc Barracuda related downloads. Some of this stuff is hard to come by, so I figured I would create a page where I can put things that I come across or create that might be interesting or helpful to my fellow 'Cuda enthusiasts. If you have anything along these lines, and think it would fit in on this page, please feel free to send it to me.

Pictures & Art

GIF, 300dpi (746K)

A "line art" style drawing of a '72-74 Barracuda with a Rallye hood. Some slight inaccuracies, but very good overall. Good for designing a paint scheme, giving to your kids to color, whatever. :-)

JPG, 300dpi (329K)

"Plymouth Barracuda Coming Through" logo

Commercials, Music & Sounds

Forget the wishful thinking you've heard spewing out of your radio about fuel injected Stingrays, 409s, and little deuce coupes - the artists of the songs below knew where it was really at! :-)

Mopar To You-Bite Bite Barracuda (1967).mp3
"Bite Bite Barracuda" - by the Knickerbockers, I think... A "surf" style song

Mopar To You-Boss Barracuda (1966).mp3
"Boss Barracuda" - I believe this was done by the Surfaris, a "surf" style song

Mopar To You-Go Go Go Barracuda (1966).mp3
"Go Go Go Barracuda" - by Johnny Ray Gomez, a "surf" style song
(Many thanks to Bernie and also Johnathan Thompson for identifying this song's artist!)

Mopar To You-Mighty Mighty Barracuda (1965).mp3
"Mighty Mighty Barracuda" - another Knickerbockers tune, I think... A "surf" style song


Mopar To You-Plymouth Barracuda Commercial (1966).mp3
"Plymouth Barracuda Commercial" - A Plymouth Barracuda commercial from 1966 - salesman can't pronounce "Barracuda"

Mopar To You-Plymouth Makes It Theme 1 (1970).mp3
"Plymouth Makes It" - A Plymouth Barracuda commercial from 1970 - part of the commercial describes the new 1970 Barracuda models

EFI Maps

These EFI maps are for the Holley Commander 950 ECU. They were generated on my 440 using the 900cfm "350-500hp" TBI system (p/n 950-21S, four 85lb@21psi injectors). I am providing them in case someone else out there is using this EFI system on their big block Mopar - hopefully it will make the process a bit easier for you than it was for me. If your engine is anything like mine, using one of these as a base map to begin tuning should be a whole lot better than the generic Chevy ones provided by Holley. If you have found these useful, please let me know! Although it is definitely not a requirement, if these maps help you out and you feel like giving something back, I certainly wouldn't be beneath accepting a PayPal donation to to help offset my time and dyno tuning expenses! :-)

This map contains only fuel data, no spark info is present (because I was using the MP ignition for spark). It was generated on a 440 bored .030 over with 906 heads (valve job, stock rockers & valvetrain), MP 280 Purple Shaft cam (.474 lift), Edelbrock Torker II intake, HP exhaust manifolds, dual 2.25" exhaust system, 727 tranny with a 2000-2200 converter. The engine had approximately 10:1 compression, and I was running 93-94 octane pump gas. The O2 sensor was located in the driver's side head pipe, just below the exhaust manifold flange. The fuel pressure was approximately 27psi.

Tuning was done on a chassis dyno with a wide band O2 sensor in order to dial in the air/fuel ratio for safe street driving after installing the EFI system. We didn't make a big effort to go to the bleeding edge for maximum power, this was just to keep the engine safe, but still maintain air/fuel ratios which are within the general area for best power. The ignition timing was unknown and untouched so HP and torque figures may not be incredibly useful, but at the time it was tuned the engine was making about 318hp and 429lb-ft at the motor (254hp and 343lb-ft at the wheels). I drove around using this map for a while before tearing the top end of the engine down for Project Horsepower.

This tuning was done just after installing the EFI system, and represents around $500 worth of dyno time. Enjoy! :-)