Jon N. Steiger
King Road, Forestville, NY 14062

Language Experience:

     Assembly        Lisp            RPG           C Shell          HTML
     BASIC           Pascal          RPG III       Bourne Shell
     C               Turbo Pascal    SQL               
     C++             PowerBuilder    SQL*Forms
     COBOL           Prolog     
Flavors of select languages:
     Assembly:  PDP-11
     C:         DEC, DJGPP, GNU, Microsoft C, Oracle Pro*C, Sun SPARCompiler 
     C++:       DJGPP, GNU, Microsoft C++, Microsoft Visual C++ 
     Pascal:    Apple II, Macintosh, Intel, Sparc
     HTML:      HTML through XHTML

Operating Systems Experience:
     Amiga/Intuition                     NetBSD               
     Apple DOS (3.3)                     OpenVMS VAX  (6.1)
     Apple PRODOS (1.0)                  OSF/1 (3.2)
     Burroughs / Unisys CANDE            Solaris (2.3 - 2.5)
     FreeBSD                             SunOS (4.1.1 - 4.1.3)
     HP-UX                               Ultrix/UWS  (4.4)
     Linux  (1.9.x through current)      Windows  (3.1 through XP)
     Macintosh (through System 7.1)      
     Microsoft Windows (3.0 - 3.11)      
     MS-DOS (through 6.22)               
GUI Experience:
   Amiga/Intuition   Windows (3.0 - 3.11)           DECwindows               CDE
   Apple IIGS        Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP       OpenWindows              Fvwm
   Macintosh                                        X11R6                    Mwm
                                                    XFree86 (through 3.1.2)  Twm      
Database Experience:
Microsoft Access (7.0), CMS (4.x - 5.x), Oracle (6.x - 7.3.x), Watcom SQL

Technologies / Methodologies Experience:
CGI, Client/Server, DirectX, DISE/MP, Multi-tasking/threading, OOA/OOD/OOP, TCP/IP, Windowing Systems

Hardware and Platform Experience:
     Amiga:       2000, 3000, 4000
     Apple:       IIc, IIc+, IIe, IIGS, Macintosh, PowerPC
     Commodore:   64, PET
     DEC:         Alpha, DECstation 5000/120, VAXstation 2000
     Intel:       8086, 286, 386, 486, Pentium, Pentium Pro, P3, P4, Celeron, etc.
     HP:          (Graphical Workstation)
     Micros:      8086 (Intel based, networked, order entry / inventory systems)
     Sun:         SPARCServer, SPARCStation IPC, SPARCStation 20
     Telxon:      PTC series (Handheld x86 based spread spectrum RF laser scanners), 
                  also GCP DataNode.

Employment Experience:
May 1999 to Present:

Steiger Performance
836 King Rd.
Forestville, NY 14062

Owner. I founded Steiger Performance in 1999 and handle all aspects of the business - from design, engineering and manufacturing to sales and shipping. We manufacture a variety of unique and innovative automotive and motorcycle related products.

May 1996 to Present:

Steiger Realty
836 King Road
Forestville, NY 14062

Co-Owner, Broker and Office Manager. Duties include office procedures and policies, information flow, customer service, computer operation, computer programming, and various other tasks relating to both the day to day and long term operation of a real estate brokerage.

January 1995 to Present:

Twisted Bits
836 King Rd.
Forestville, NY 14062

I am a software engineer, systems administrator and business manager for a small, start-up software engineering company based in Western New York State. Previous projects have included modular, portable interfaces & communications routines for windowing systems such as X, socket level communication protocols, the Village Interconnect Project (a multi-platform software suite that would seamlessly integrate BBSs & Internet hosts into virtual communities), as well as Internet service provider feasibility research and networked, multi-user game development. We also provide small scale web and e-mail hosting, and I am the person primarily responsible for the administration of this hosting service.

June 1999 to December 2009:

The State University of New York College at Fredonia
Department of Computer Science
Fenton Hall
Fredonia, NY 14063

Instructor. I was repsonsible for teaching one distance learning section per semester of CSIT-107 - "HTML Programming" via the SUNY Learning Network.

September 1997 to August 2002:

The State University of New York College at Fredonia
Department of Computer Science
Fenton Hall
Fredonia, NY 14063

Network administrator. Duties included all aspects of systems administration, diagnostics, research, testing, etc. for a FreeBSD, IRIX, Linux, SunOS, Windows 95, Windows NT Server, and Windows NT Workstation network. Services that I administrated include network-wide backup, e-mail, FTP, Usenet news service, PPP & shell dial-in, local and remote print spooling, terminal access, Un*x shell accounts, and WWW. I was responsible for making recommendations for equipment purchases as well as long-term planning and upgrades. I wrote a few custom applications to allow expansion of user services as well as making network administration easier. (Back up software front-end, a program to allow users to maintain their own PPP passwords for an Xylogics Annex terminal server, etc.) A big part of my job was problem solving, research, and troubleshooting. A few of the software tools and packages used include Amanda, Apache, Cern HTTPD, CNEWS, lpd, and sendmail.

January 1997 to June 1997:

The office of Academic Information Technology at the State University of New York College at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063

Network administrator. Duties included all aspects of systems administration, diagnostics, research, testing, etc. for a large Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows NT Workstation, Windows 3.x, Linux, and Macintosh network which included Internet and intranet service providing for a user base of several thousand people. Services that I administrated include dial in (via RAS), e-mail, mailing lists, FTP, printing, telnet, UN*X shell accounts, WWW (Apache & IIS), and a list of auxiliary and support services too numerous to mention. I was involved in every aspect of maintaining and upgrading this network. I wrote several custom applications to solve problems and increase ease-of-use/ease-of-administration. This job involved a great deal of troubleshooting and problem solving.

July 1995 to December 1996:

O'Connell Software Systems, Inc.
159 E Main Street
Westfield, New York 14787
(716) 326-3759

Duties and projects have included database administration, systems administration, software engineering, software maintenance, and software testing. Clients have included Cummins Engine, General Electric, and Sequoia Voting Equipment, among others. Operating systems used include HP-UX, OSF/1, Solaris, SunOS, Ultrix, and Microsoft Windows 3.11. Programming languages and software packages used include CMS, FUSE, Microsoft Visual C++, Oracle, PowerBuilder, various flavors of Sun and DEC C/C++, C Shell, and Bourne Shell. Hardware platforms used include Intel x86 and Pentium, Sun/DEC/HP workstations and servers, and RF Telxon.

May 1994 to July 1995:

Route 60
Fredonia N.Y. 14063

I started in the lawn and garden department and moved into the home electronics department when the opportunity presented itself. I was responsible for computers and electronics sales and support.

May 1991 to March 1994:

Burger King
Routes 5 and 20 at Beebe Road
Irving, N.Y. 14081.

Promotions included Guest Service Expert, Team Leader, Production Leader, Shift Leader, Shift Coordinator, and Assistant Manager. Duties included all aspects of food preparation, order entry, shift management, floor control, inventory control, cash control, opening, closing, ordering, scheduling, crew hiring/training/counseling, customer complaints, and public relations. Additionally, I was partially responsible for, and deeply involved in the installation, maintenance, operation, and evaluation of two different computerized inventory / order entry / database systems. I was also on call for help and advice when these systems were implemented in other restaurants.

October 1989 to May 1991:

Steiger Farms
RD #1
Forestville, N.Y. 14062.

Duties included operation of machinery, maintenance, general grape/field work, and computer operation.

Teaching Experience:
Fall 1995:
Object Oriented Programming. Topics included data hiding, inheritance, modularity, reusable code, and OOA/OOD/OOP theory. The students were led through the design of an application using the OO methodology. The students were also given hands-on experience by designing and implementing an application of their own, using the techniques learned throughout the class, in a SunOS and GNU C++ environment.

Fall 1995:
X Programming. Topics covered Xlib programming techniques and basic to intermediate windowing theory, with applications to X. Each student was given all the tools and knowledge to create his or her own X application, and a major portion of the class was spent in assisting the students to work on an X application of their choice. This course was conducted in a SunOS 4.1.3 / X11R6, SPARCStation IPC environment.

Spring 1996:
Internet seminar. Topics included Internet theory, history, growth, uses, and future possibilities. Applications and uses such as archie, FTP, telnet, WWW, VRML, Java, etc. were fully covered and all students were given a practical and thorough hands-on Internet experience in a FreeBSD, SunOS, and Windows 95 environment.

Fall 1999 through present:
HTML Programming. CSIT-107, a 3 credit hour course taught for the department of Computer Science of the State University of New York College at Fredonia. This is an on-line course designed to introduce students to creating HTML documents for the World Wide Web. Topics covered include basic structure, text, graphics, lists, tables, frames and CSS.

State University of New York College at Fredonia:
I am a Fall 1996 graduate as a Computer Science Major with a concentration in Business Management. Dean's list Fall 1992 and Spring 1993. Was a member of, and a network administrator for the Computer Science Club. Also co-founded the Student Supplementary Education Group (SSEG) for the purpose of enabling students to take their education beyond what was possible through the official CS program at Fredonia. (Students helping students.) I also participated in several large scale, collaborative software engineering projects run by fellow students.
Forestville Central School:
I graduated from the Regents program with an Honor Society endorsement in June 1993. In 1992 through 1993, I was accepted into a collegiate early entrance program, during which half of my courses were taken at the State University of New York College at Fredonia, while the remainder were university level classes taught at Forestville Central. I also received the Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award, which included a Rochester Institute of Technology scholarship opportunity in June 1992.

Interests include automobiles, computers, motorcycling, science fiction, and aviation. I hold a Recreational Pilot license and own a Kolb ultralight, which I fly as often as possible. The vast majority of my computer and programming knowledge was acquired on my own (as well as with a small group of friends) through experimentation and the study of available documentation. Although I have experience in software development and am a capable software engineer, my first love is systems administration, which allows me to use my programming skills to create tools and utilities which augment and improve the network as opposed to software development simply for the sake of writing an arbitrary program. My preferred development environment is Linux (via C- Shell), GNU C/C++, and X (via FVWM). I created and maintain several successful WWW pages, all of which include interfaces to various CGI programs and gateways that I have developed over time. I also created and maintain a busy Internet mailing list, which originally ran on mailing list distribution and archiving software of my own creation. Additionally, I have written several freeware applications and utilities (one of which had become a part of the official Debian Linux distribution). I greatly enjoy the challenge that comes from designing and implementing a new application or solution, as well as the satisfaction that comes from discovering that others have found my work beneficial.

Available upon request.