Mopar VIN Decoder

To use this VIN decoder, simply enter the VIN you would like to check in the appropriate box, and hit the Submit button. Please be sure to enter the VIN into the correct box. Which box you use will depend on the year of the car you are checking. If you are not sure of the year of the car, you may be able to go by the length of the VIN. 1962 through 1965 VINs have 10 digits, 1966 through 1974 VINs have 13 digits, 1975 through 1980 VINs also have 13 digits, and 1981 through present VINs have 17 digits.

Although this VIN decoder is set up to work on Mopars dated 1962 through the present, the late model data (1995-up or so) is still somewhat spotty. It also only works for car VINs, there isn't any truck data. (yet)

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About this VIN decoder:

In 1998, I created a Dodge Dakota VIN decoder for the DML Home Page based on info in factory service manuals. In 2001, I purchased a Plymouth Barracuda and became even more interested and involved in the classic Mopars than I already was. As I was doing some research on my car, the thought popped into my head that maybe I should do a decoder for the classic Mopars also. Because much of the code could be re-used, it was mostly a matter of inputting the VIN data. When I have the time, I hope to continue to expand this decoder to cover additional vehicles and years. Hopefully it will be a helpful reference. The reason I created this decoder was mostly, because I could, and I figured someone might find it useful. :-) I created this decoder to help out my fellow Mopar folks. As such, you are welcome to use it for whatever you like (i.e. both personal and commercial use is OK); the basic data is all public domain anyway.

Note: This VIN decoder doesn't do any sort of "sanity checking". (For example, there are many combinations of options which were just never offered by Ma Mopar, and would never appear in a VIN together.) Basically all this program does is to automate the same process that someone looking up the codes by hand would do. Each code in the VIN corresponds to a particular option, and what this decoder does is to match up each code to its corresponding meaning and spit the results back at you.

The data contained in this VIN decoder is believed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed. It was obtained via several sources including reference books, restoration guides, magazines, Internet sites, etc. Errors are bound to happen though, so if you notice any, please let me know. Thanks!