My 1990 Dodge Dakota Convertible

This is my '90 Dodge Dakota Sport Convertible. The Dakota was the very first (only?) production truck to be offered as a convertible. There were 2,842 units produced in 1989, 909 in 1990, and 8 in 1991. (The 1991 models were produced to fill out the remainder of the contract with ASC; the company that did the conversion for Dodge.)

My Dakota is powered by a 3.9L V6 with TBI fuel injection, and has a 5 speed manual transmission (A535/NP2500). It has power windows and door locks, bucket seats with a center console, AM/FM Cassette radio.

Overall, it is in excellent condition, though there some items that I intend to address in time.

I plan to keep this truck pretty much stock, use it as a parts chaser, and just enjoy it in general.

Some pictures I took the day I brought it home (11/22/02):

Another pic from the fall of 2007:

For further information about the Dakota Convertible, you can check out the Dodge Dakota Convertible Website

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