What is the DoD? Micro-FAQ

This is the WitDoDMicroFAQ. It is posted weekly to r.m.*.

The full size, "official" (if that is possible here ;-) FAQ, known as the WitDoDFAQ, is posted once per month due to its rather cumbersome size. (to r.m only) (This is partially to placate those users who haven't yet figured how to leech free net access, and partially to make the relatively simple task of finding the KotL a tad more difficult.) So why post this Micro-FAQ in the first place? Well, I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Thats just how it is, so deal with it.

If you desire a copy of the WitDoDFAQ, simply check the following list of sources for the FAQ. If you don't, then what the heck are you reading this for? Go away.

     Sources for the WitDoDFAQ:

        - Old rec.motorcycles articles.

        - Your fellow 'netters.  Just post a request for the faq on
          any of the rec.motorcycles.* groups, and some kind soul
          is sure to send you a copy.  (The people on rec.motorcycles
          seem to be the kindest in this respect, so try there first.)

        - FTP to cerritos.edu.  Look in the DoD directory.

        - send mail to server@cerritos.edu.  Use the commands "dir"
          and "send".  

        - WWW: http://www.cs.fredonia.edu/~stei0302/WWW/dodfaq.html

Well, that just about does it. Now you have no reason to be a lackluster computer geek without a DoD number. Follow the above instructions, and you too may someday join our ranks as a lackluster computer geek with a DoD number. (Hey, what'd you expect? It's gonna take a heck of a lot more than a silly number to help you! ;-)


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